DigiCert Secure App Service 

(Secure Code Signing) 

Secure App Service (Secure Code Signing)

DigiCert Secure App Service centralizes key management and protects businesses.

DigiCert Secure App Service is a comprehensive code signing management solution that includes vetting and approval of software publishers, code signing, key protection, revocation, administrative controls, reporting, and audit logs. This cloud-based service also features unique or rotating keys to sign apps and centralized protection in DigiCert’s military-grade data centers.

Key Benefits

  • Easy-to-use dashboard for code signing and management of keys and signing requests
  • Support for all major file types: Microsoft, Java desktop, Java mobile, Android, PDF, XML, file hashes and others
  • Pre-signing malware scanning using DigiCert Protection Engine
  • SOAP APIs for integration with other systems and workflows
  • Reports and audit logs to track signed code and activities
  • Access restriction by IP range and IP logging when applications are signed
  • Unique signing keys
  • $1,500,000 warranty
  • Rotating pool of keys

Key Benefits

  • Maintain the integrity of files and apps by eliminating issues from lost and stolen signing keys by leveraging DigiCert’s secure cloud-based service
  • Drive business agility with support for all major file types and integration with third-party test houses
  • Minimize non-compliance and enforce accountability with detailed reports and audit logs
  • Prevent fraud with authentication by IP address(es)