Go Green With EV SSL

Extended Validation and SSL Security

For businesses with a high profile brand, using Extended Validation (EV) SSL has proven to be an effective defense against phishing scams.

For ANY online business, using SSL with EV may have a big impact on the bottom line. Online shoppers are more likely to enter their credit card and/or other confidential financial information into a website with the SSL EV green bar.

Phishing and Online Fraud Undermine Customer Confidence

Concerns about identity theft and browser warnings erode consumer confidence, even on secured pages.

To regain their trust, site owners need an easy, reliable way to show customers that their transactions are secure and they are who they say they are. Certificate Authorities and Internet browser vendors have combined forces to establish the EV standard for SSL Certificates.


The Green Address Bar Restores Trust with Extended Validation

An EV SSL Certificate gives customers more confidence that they are interacting with a trusted website and that their information is secure.

EV triggers high-security web browsers to display your organization’s name in a green address bar and show the name of the Certificate Authority that issued it. The Certificate Authority uses an audited, rigorous authentication method and browsers control the display, making it difficult for phishers and counterfeiters to hijack your brand and your customers.

Importances of an EV SSL Certificate

  • An EV SSL certificate is the highest level of assurance Certificate.
  • EV SSL certificates use the highest level of authentication – issued through a thorough verification process.
  • They incorporate some of the strictest standards for identity assurance to establish the legitimacy of online entities.
  • Get a green bar as the sign of ultimate trust on the internet with a positive signal.
  • Your business name in the browsers address bar, reinforce customers’ confidence in your brand.
  • Great data privacy with up to 256-bit encryption for all purchases.
  • Increase sales dramatically and generate a great return on your EV SSL cert investment.
  • Helps in improving your Google SEO rankings.