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Code Signing for Android

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DigiCert Code Signing Certificate allows customers to manage certificate keys and applications for easy application version updates in Google Play. In addition to digitally signing and optimizing .apk files for the Android platform, DigiCert Code Signing for Android customers can automatically keep track of their keys for increased security and easy application version updates, upload an app image, and access full reporting of signing activity within the DigiCert Code Signing Portal.

Key Features

  • Digitally sign .apk files for the Android platform
  • Retain and re-use the same keys if signing a known application for easy version updates in Google Play
  • Intuitive console with full certificate and application management capabilities
  • Optimize the final .apk package with zipalign tool after signing
  • Associated with a dedicated Symantec Android Root
  • Option to generate new keys within a 25-year validity period
  • Display the MD5 fingerprint of the signing cert to integrate your application with Google Maps
  • Choose an image to upload with your application for easy identification

Key Benefits

  • Manage your certificate keys, sign code and keep track of your applications, all in one place
  • Eliminate the need for manual version control with easy version updates of your applications in Android Marketplace
  • Take your applications to the next level by tying them to your users’ locations through Google Maps
  • Ensure that your software has not been tampered with and is safe for your customers to download within the Android environment
  • Protect your brand and your reputation with a trusted digital signature from DigiCert